Gypsum Concrete

Structis has the tools and team your project needs to deliver durable, sound controlled gypsum concrete flooring in any multifamily, commercial, or residential home.

Building A Strong Foundation

Structis is Georgia’s leading applicator in gypsum concrete and underlayment for a reason. Using the highest quality products from Maxxon, we deliver durable, long-lasting, and sound controlled floors for your project. Whether it’s multifamily, commercial, or residential, we have the right team to finish your project. If you want our team of professionals to be there every step of the way and guide your project to success, click below to get a free quote today!

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Benefits of Gypsum Concrete

  • Sound resistant flooring when paired with sound control mats
  • Strong, durable, long-lasting material won’t need to be replaced for years
  • Mixture won’t corrode tubes in radiant (heated) flooring
  • Faster application and dry time keeps projects on schedule
  • Lighter than concrete, so there’s less pressure on the building


Gypsum Concrete Applications

Structis is well-known for their gypsum concrete underlayment, sound control mat installation, and floor prep work. Keep reading about each of our underlayment applications to find out more, and click below to get a quote.

Gypsum Flooring

Structis installs underlayment from Maxxon, in multifamily, commercial, or residential homes. Our professional team is there every step of the way, whether it’s pouring underlayment in new construction or improving the flooring in renovation projects.

Sound Control Mats

Structis expertly combines poured gypsum flooring with Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® sound control options to optimize the sound control in multifamily and commercial projects. This unique pairing is both durable and noise reducing since the sound control mats help you meet IIC and FIIC specification ratings.

Project Tools

Easy Maxxon Selector

Maxxon knows floors. Which is precisely why we get our products from them. But they also have great tools to use for projects. Try the Interactive System Selector by clicking below, so you can figure out which products your project needs to reach the proper fire and sound rating specifications.

Floor Prep

Structis specializes in floor prep, whether it’s prepping a new construction or renovation project for finished floor goods. Whatever your need, Structis will be there every step of the way to help your project succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Gypsum Concrete Underlayment

Gypsum underlayment is a unique kind of concrete that contains a mixture of plaster, Portland cement, and sand. Similar to regular concrete, it has incredible durability and longevity. Different than concrete, it’s much lighter and has properties that minimize sound in multifamily and commercial constructions when paired with sound control mats. Some of the benefits of Gyp-Crete® are the sound resistance and the unique ability to pair well with radiant, heated flooring without corrosion happening.

When it comes to getting sound resistant flooring assemblies, you always want materials that have a high IIC (Impact Insulation Class) and FIIC (Field Impact Insulation Class) rating. The IIC rating is how sound resistant a flooring is in the laboratory tests, while the FIIC rating is the on-site test results. Once all the materials are in place, the FIIC rating is the more accurate representation of how sound resistant the sound control mat and underlayment are with the layer of subfloor.

If sound control is your ultimate goal, installing both gypsum underlayment and sound control mats are essential. This unique combination works hand in hand to ensure that your building has the highest sound resistance. The lightweight but sturdy gypsum underlayment provides support while absorbing sound and reducing vibrations. Meanwhile, the sound mats provide an extra layer of sound resistance since the rubber absorbs even more of the noise.

Sound control mats are made of a thick, dense rubber that works to absorb vibrations, or sounds. When sound travels, it causes vibrations that cause noises to be louder. But by using sound control mats, they work to dampen vibrations and reduce noise.

Quality Products. Better Results.

Enlist our professional team every step of the way
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