Elevated Concrete

With the highest quality equipment and safety standards, our Structis professionals excel at installing elevated concrete consisting of 3,000 psi exterior pump mix on wood framed balconies, breezeways, and landings in multifamily and commercial buildings.

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Balconies & Breezeways

Certified professionals, high quality materials, and exceptional work ethic at Structis make it easy to see why we are the top exterior pump mix installers in Georgia. Whether you need our 3,000 psi pump mix concrete installed on a balcony, breezeway, or landing, we have the materials and expertise that it takes to make your elevated concrete system durable and weather resistant. So, if you are ready to see how our team of professionals delivers quality work within your time constraints, click below to get a free quote!

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Elevated Concrete Benefits

  • Expert application keeps projects on time and on budget
  • Durable, long-lasting material reduces wear-and-tear
  • Waterproof and weather resistant with Polyguard
  • Durable, light broom finish improves traction and safety
  • Exterior topping slabs are most specified by architects
  • ADA Compliant

Elevated Concrete Applications

At Structis, there are two major elevated concrete applications we excel at: balconies and breezeways. Our expert team has years of experience in installing elevated flooring that is both weather resistant and durable. Keep reading below to see the details of each application and click to get a free quote when you’re ready!


Structis specializes in installing safe, durable, and weather resistant balconies. Our certified team of professionals creates impeccable results every time and adheres to the set schedule to finish projects in a timely manner. For a trusted team and longer lasting, elevated concrete flooring, reach out to us today!


Along with balconies, Structis excels at installing sturdy, long-lasting, and weather resistant breezeways in commercial, multifamily, and residential buildings. To add professionally installed, durable breezeways to your project, click below to get started with a free quote!

Other Applications

Structis has an expert team and high quality materials and tools that make us the perfect option for elevated concrete projects. On top of balconies and breezeways, we also install flooring in stairwell landings, decks and porches, multistory buildings, parking garages, and commercial offices. Click below to get started with a free quote and work with us every step of the way!


Structis is a team of certified installers that apply Polyguard® 650 sheet waterproofing membrane over the wood framed subfloor before pouring concrete in balcony, breezeway, and landing projects for waterproof, weather resistant flooring. Click below to get your free quote on our superior waterproofing system today!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Elevated Concrete

Depending on the framework of the balcony or breezeway, our Structis team will either pour underlayment over the frame and subfloor or lift a concrete slab up before securing it.

The Structis team uses a waterproofing system that places a 60-mil membrane under the elevated concrete underlayment to seal and protect the wood sublayer beneath it. Liquid waterproofing can also be painted overtop the concrete in particular projects before adding the finished flooring. With this waterproofing process, it ensures that the flooring components are protected from the weather and have a higher overall life expectancy.

Concrete underlayment in balconies and breezeways is our expertise at Structis, so it’s only natural you’re wondering what types there are. These are the most popular balcony styles offered:

  • Cantilevered balcony
  • Hung balcony
  • Stacked balcony
  • False balcony
  • Mezzanine balcony
  • Loggia balcony

If you’re wondering what kind of underlayment goes best with your balcony, contact our Structis team today to ask questions and get a free quote for your project.

Elevated concrete is a 3,000 psi pump mix weighing 140 PCF that is poured by our Structis team using utilizing a hydraulic concrete pump and a 2” line hose.