The Hawkins

Scope: • Prepped seams with PW sealant • Installed Liquid Applied LM85 • Added a 60-millimeter layer of Polyguard 650 membrane over the LM85 • Topped it off with a drain mat and 2” average 3000 PSI exterior pump mix, and sloped to drains with a broom finish

Upton Apartments

Contractor: Fortune Johnson
Scope: 1” Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily over Acousti-Mat® 3/8 Premium
midsouth floors project for south davis apartments

South Davis Apartments

Contractor: Summit Contracting
Scope: 300 Unit apartment complex - R-19 fiberglass batting in the walls - R-19 fiberglass batting in the floors for sound attenuation
midsouth floors balcony elevated concrete

Lumen Briarcliff

Contractor: Fortune Johnson
Scope: Waterproofed balconies: installed T-bar flashing and poured exterior mix concrete.
Elevated Concrete

T3 West Midtown

Scope: 159,700 sq. ft. Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® 3/4 Premium Installed Throughout Floors 3-7 and Penthouse Level
Radiant Flooring

The Living Building at Georgia Tech University

Scope: Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® 3/4 Premium

Walton Corporate Office

Scope: 6,353 total square feet Aquafin® Vaportight Coat® SG3 capped with 1" average Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® High Performance
Underlayment Capping Renovation

Walton Street Renovation

Scope: 27,000 sq. ft. of Commercial Topping poured at an average depth of 1-1/4"
westin duluth ga midsouth floors

Westin Hotel – Duluth, GA

Contractor: Shell Mcelroy
Architect: Cooper Carey
Scope: We offered a perfect solution to a problem of a 9th floor area that was 2 1/4" out of level on approximately 4000 s/f. The Contractor needed the floor to be leveled but the structural engineer had a weight tolerance of 12# per s/f. We were able to offer a solution by using Maxxon® Low Density Fill for all the deep fill areas and then topped and leveled the floor with Maxxon® Level-Crete.
Underlayment Installation

Rivet Hotel

Contractor: Character Build
Scope: 21,330 sq. ft. 2” Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® High Performance over dual sound mat system of Maxxon® Acousti-Mat 3/4, Maxxon® SBR, and Maxxon® Reinforcement Renovation of old building to a new hotel
Gypsum Underlayment

505 Courtland Apartment

Contractor: CBG Builders
Scope: Pouring 1” Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily over Maxxon® 1/4” Acousti-Mat® over prescient metal decking on 14 story high rise apartment building
Gypsum Concrete

The Mill

Contractor: Whaley Construction
Scope: 95,000 sq. ft. 11/2” Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily over Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® 3/4 with Maxxon® Reinforcement
760 Ralph McGill Parcel B hotel

760 Ralph McGill Parcel B Hotel

Contractor: Brassfield Gorrie
Scope: 7,700 s/f Maxxon® Level-Crete poured at 5/8”-1 1/2” over concrete slab at 4000 psi